Special Services for Condominiums

At Eco-Pro we specialize in providing a menu of special services Especially tailored to the needs of Condominiums including the following:

  • Provide complete Superintendent Services while your Superintendent is on holiday/sick leave.
  • Provide Assistant Superintendent Services for weekends or weekdays.
  • Provide janitorial services for your specific needs.
  • Maintain indoor/outdoor swimming pools.
  • Manage garbage and recycling pickups.
  • Provide on call emergency response services.

Here's a sampling of our services:

Lobby Cleaning:

  • Vacuum main hallways- lobbies- stairwells- exits
  • Wet mop and power scrub tiled areas.
  • Clean and tidy the front door entrances.
  • Keep tidy and neat all newspaper racks and remove discarded waste to recycling

Laundry Room Cleaning:

  • Clean, wet mop, empty garbage bins, replace garbage bags, vacuum lint traps behind dryers in all laundry rooms
  • Monitor laundry windows are closed when it rains.
  • Clean dryers and washing machines report damage and water connection leaks.


  • Wet mop tiled floors and vacuum door tracks. Clean walls, ceilings, stainless steel panels.

Swimming Pools:

  • Performing all pool related duties, including the inspection and maintenance of the water level, chemical balance, temperature and the condition of the filters.

Recycling Bins:

  • Keep recycling areas cleaned, sanitary, and tidy at all times.
  • Remove and replace recycling bins when filled.
  • Move recycling bins out and in on scheduled days for pickup.

Compactor Rooms:

  • Move compactor bin out and in on scheduled days for pickup.
  • Sweep and wet mop floors, monitor equipment and controls, exhausts fans.


  • Replace light bulbs in exit fixtures, hallway fixtures, stairwell lights when burnt out.
  • Report all broken fixtures.
  • Replace light bulbs in laundry room fixtures, parking garage, mechanical rooms.

Mechanical Rooms:

  • Sweep floor, keep clean and tidy. Monitor water pumps for leaks.

Other Duties:

  • Move Ins and Outs
  • Water leaks, floods.
  • 24/7 Alarm Monitoring, Fire Alarm Panels, Buildings and Equipment
  • 24/7 Medical Pendent call assist response
  • 24/7 Fire Department Rescue call assist response
  • 24/7 Ambulance and Paramedical call assist response
  • 24/7 monitoring of buildings and security of tenants
  • 24/7 All other Emergencies.

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Our Service:

We offer a diverse set of services such as:

  • Office cleaning
  • Janitorial services
  • Condo services
  • Painting
  • End of tenancy cleaning
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • After construction cleaning
  • Floor care services